PK Accounting Service provide you with full comprehensive accounting support ensuring that the preparing and filing of your Self-Assessment is fast, easy, and reliable.

Who needs to file a Self-Assessment?

You received income from abroad. You will need to file a tax return if you fall into one of these categories:You received income from abroad.

  • You are self-employed or in a partnership.
  • You received income from letting land or property.
  • You have untaxed income or savings.
  • You made profits from selling assets and need to pay Capital Gains Tax.
  • you are a company director.
  • You and your partners’ income were over £50,000 and claimed Child Benefit.
  • You lived and worked abroad.
  • You received income from abroad.
What we offer you
  • PK Accounting Service will ensure that you are registered with HMRC and that your HMRC online account is activated.
  • PK Accounting Service will ensure that all tax returns and self-assessments will be done online.
  • We use specialist software that is HMRC approved to file personal tax return self-assessment or partnership tax returns.
  • We are fully qualified Accountants with experience and experts in tax returns and self-assessments We will handle the entire tax return process and deal with HMRC on your behalf.

As part of the above service, we can analyse your self-assessment tax return to see if any tax savings can be made and we can also review the form to see if there are any anomalies that need to be addressed before the return is submitted. This process helps to minimise your risk of a HM Revenue & Customs enquiry into your tax affairs. If you are experiencing cashflow problems, we can explore the possibilities of deferring your tax payments or negotiating a payment plan with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

By giving you a fixed, competitive price, we can take the worry away when it comes to self-assessment tax returns; allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

For a free initial meeting to discuss all your self assessment tax return  related needs, please drop us a line using our Online Quick Quote Form

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