Hiring staff is one of the most exciting and challenging times for a growing business. Whether you are a start-up and are hiring your first team, a growing business hiring its first member of staff or an expanding firm continually looking for new talent to support your business, payroll is a very important part of your organisation.

Payroll Regulations

It is also a very important part of your business to get absolutely right. There are laws, rules and frequently changing regulations about how you pay your staff and how you report this to HMRC. Tax, National Insurance, and pensions all have to be accounted for correctly, as does the record keeping that shows how and why you are paying your team.

Business Payroll Services

Whatever the size or complexity of your payroll, whether you need us to set you up for your first employee or start administering your payroll from your existing systems we can help. Payroll can be as simple as having one member of staff being paid a monthly salary, or it can be complex with different members of staff being paid different amounts each week. A business may also have a high turnover of workers as part of the business plan or because the business is seasonal in nature, so accurate and up to date records are essential to ensure the right people are being paid.

We can save you time

Payroll administration is boring and time-consuming.PK Accounting Service will take it off your hands so you can spend your time doing more productive activities.PK Accounting Service will look at your salaries and dividends to plan a tax-efficient remuneration strategy, helping your business to minimise tax paid, and maximise its profits.

Keeping on top of the changing regulations regarding payroll and ensuring you are sending the right information at the right time to HMRC is time intensive for any business or business owner. PK Accounting Service will do this for you while keeping you up to date on what you need to know on a regular basis.

Each business is completely unique and so each payroll service we offer is tailored to the needs of the specific business. Here is a quick overview of the main payroll services we offer:

Our Payroll Services service includes:
  • Register the Payroll with HMRC
  • RTI Compliant
  • Employee Auto Enrolment
  • HMRC Compliance Assured
  • Produce customised payslips.
  • Help with P11D preparation and filings
  • HMRC queries
Managing your payroll

Our experience and expertise in this area ensures that you don’t have to worry about your payroll and can spend your time growing your business instead of doing administration. We are knowledgeable and ensure you are compliant with any and all changing regulations as they are introduced, and we can work with any type of payroll system that you choose to use.

For a free initial meeting to discuss all your payroll related needs, please drop us a line using our Online Quick Quote Form

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